American Hunters and Shooters Association

You may have heard a recent Obama add that is trying to portray Obama as having the support of gun owners and hunters. It features a speaker from the AHSA. (Courtesy

If you are unaware of AHSA, it is a relatively new organization started around 2005. It is essentially a front organization for the anti-gun lobby (Handgun Control Inc/Brady Campaign).   Almost all the leadership involved have a history of being  heavily involved with and/or donating toward anti-gun organizations and legislation.

For documentation on this fact you can see a number of resources: (see Leadership section)


A thought….

I’d love to get a copy of the organization’s by-laws. And see if it would be possible to take over the organization by having a member call for a no-confidence vote in the leadership and vote on new leadership.

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  1. These astroturf groups rarely have elected leadership. Their leadership positions are by appointment.

  2. True, but who appoints the appointers?

    Most non-profits must have by-laws. I just wonder if they can be leveraged to dethrone them and turn it into a pro-gun group. That would be such irony…

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