Ruger LCP Recall

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We recently sent my wife’s LCP back because the trigger mechanism was not functioning properly. Trigger pulls would not always engage the firing mechanism. It was like I needed 1mm more pull.  Not sure if this is related to my issue. But it probably explains the delay in receiving our LCP back from Ruger.

Anyways, please spread the word…

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  1. […] NUGUN, it looks like the Ruger LCP has been recalled: Ruger has recently received a small number of […]

  2. […] Good thing I bought a Kel-Tec I guess.   Of course, it would be nice if I could actually shoot my P-3AT at some point.   Why can’t Glock make a pocket rocket? […]

  3. I have an LCP. I have confidence in it. Ruger customer service is exemplary. When I asked for the updated hold-back, they sent it to me at no charge. The LCP was the first gun I ever worked on, but I was able to make the change without much difficulty even though it is taken apart considerably to make the exchange.

    The fact that they initiated a recall when it is not clear that they were required to do so increases my admiration for the company.

    For fans of the LCP:

  4. My lcp was included in the recal. I contacted Ruger.On Dec 8, I received a box in the mail, with instructions to box it up and call a recal phone number so they can contact UPS to pick it up. I boxed it up immediately, and called Ruger recall no. Got automated voice mail to leave my name and no. and they would call me. Called twice Dec. 8, and once today. Have received nothing. What gives???

  5. I talked to a rep at Ruger yesterday evening. As my LCP has been at Ruger since before the recall.

    Anyways, they apologized for the delay and essentially told me that they have a huge backlog on the re-polishing end. So many of the LCPs have been updated. And are just waiting to be cleaned/polished before they can be shipped off.

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