A Great Gun Week…

This has definitely been a great gun week for me personally…

  • Saturday and Sunday was spent at Freedom Armory in Glen Rock taking the NRA’s “Basic Personal Protection In The Home” course.
  • Sunday morning before class I went to York Gun Show and bought my very first rifle. A 1945 Mosin-Nagant. (Gets me a bit more in touch with my Russian heritage.)
  • Wednesday I picked up a 2nd rifle. My first “new” rifle. One I’d been eyeing at a local FFL (Federal Firearm License a.k.a. “Gun Shop” for my newer listeners) for the past three months.  A Ruger Mini-14 Target…it is a beauty.
  • Thursday I participated in my first ever competitive shoot (also at Freedom Armory ). Did better than I expected. Learned a lot…mostly I learned that I have a LOT more to learn.
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  • Lastly, my new “mini-cards” for advertising my blog arrived Wednesday. So I was able to pass those out Thursday night. 🙂
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All-in-all a GREAT gun week!

I hope to post further details on each of the above in the near future – so stay tuned!

– N.U.G.U.N.

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  1. Congrats on the new purchases. I’ve been thinking about a mosin, but I’m not sure my shoulder (and arms) could handle it.

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