Knowing who & who NOT to vote for – courtesy of the AHSA front group…

Recently the  AHSA (infamous ant-gun front group) announced several endorsements.  Below are the NRA ratings for the candidates. Please note the italicized candidates are the AHSA endorsements and the bold are the NRA endorsements.

Only one of the AHSA endorsed candidates received an “A” rating, Harry Teague – and that individual’s campaign has contacted me to state that they have rejected the endorsement of the AHSA. The extremely low ratings of the other three candidatates call them into serious question.

New York
District 29

District 2

District 1

New Mexico
District 2
(D) HARRY TEAGUE – AQ (based on NRA questionnaire response)  *

*NOTE – Harry Teague’s campaign contacted me regarding this post to inform me that they have rejected the AHSA endorsement.  A listing of Teague’s endorsements can be found here – the AHSA is note listed among them. Teague’s campaign wanted to re-emphasize that the highest rating a non-incumbant can receive is an AQ (based on the questionaire).  And that Teague is an avid hunter.  I have updated this post accordingly. I am inquiring if the Harry Teague campaign has a press release on this matter.


In other news from AHSA, the notorius anti-gunner John Rosenthal resigned from the board after his presence made to clear of a connection between the AHSA & gun control groups.

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  1. Harry Teague is a pro-gun candidate. His campaign actually rejected the endorsement of AHSA and the NRA sent a letter to its membership to let them know that Harry is pro-gun and did not support many of AHSA’s positions. The “AQ” rating is the highest rating that a candidate can get who is not an incumbent. Only incumbents who have a voting record on gun issues can be awarded a pure “A” rating.

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