Looming AWB, Gun Control, etc – The Gun Community needs a new way to buy!

I was thinking about this. I would “love” to buy an AR, and even a 50BMG. But I can’t afford to buy such at this time. I really do not want to put them on a credit card. Okay, being honest – I don’t think that will float with the Mrs.

But it got me thinking. With the potential of gun bans, there may be a solution we’ve not considered for securing our rifles (and for the likes of Colt and other manufacturers to earn some additional $$$).

So here’s my idea…

If I were Colt or one of the handful of companies making BMG’s. I would do the following (if legal):

– Sell the firearm after a credit check. However, only a deposit is taken.

– But the firearm is transferred into your ownership. Firearm xxx-xxxx-xx serial # is now yours. However, you still owe the manufacturer the remaining balance.

– Instead of shipping the firearm, a small storage & insurance fee is charged. Said rifle remains stored until completion of payment.

This would facilitate the purchase of firearms now, for those who are not financially ready. (ie: I planned to buy one in the next 2-4 yrs, but the political scene will now likely make that infeasible.)

Perhaps an alternative is that you receive a particular part for the rifle (the lower for an AR, and whatever is the serialed part of a .50 BMG). That would be received upon placing one’s deposit. When it’s paid off, the rest of the parts are mounted.

I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of the legal system. But if the above were legal, I think it’d be a great way to garner sales. While immediate financial profits would not be seen, the resulting revenue would show over the following 2-4 yrs.

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  1. My husband is looking at a 50 cal. he wants one in the worst way.

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