Negligent Discharges

A lot of chatter in the blog community over a negligent discharge at SayUncle’s blog.

A couple of things to note.

1. No one was hurt because the rules were not violated. The gun was pointed in a safe direction.

2. Say Uncle lays a valid criticism toward the design of the firearm.

3. I believe this ND could still have been avoided by

a) During a recent safety course I took, our instructor advise that easing the hammer down could be unsafe. And that the only reliable way to do so was to place the web of your hand in the way as you ease down. Providing a barrier until the trigger is reset.

b) Using an empty magazine.  Which has prompted me that maybe manufacturer’s should consider the inclusion of a standardized (ie: blue or orange colored) dummy magazine that cannot take rounds. Specifically for such type of roles.

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  1. That’s why I always say buy your guns used.

    “No sir, I didn’t remove the magazine safety. Must’ve been the guy who owned this before me…”


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