Ruger LCP: Repair & Recall Update

Our LCP is back home with us.  It was a LONNNGGG wait. But Ruger’s done us well by it.

Our LCP got sent in because the trigger mechanism was failing. You could pull the trigger all the way back but the hammer was never released.  From the report it looks like a lot of the LCP was replaced. I’ll have to review it again, but I believe they replace the barrel and much of the action. So I think I got my polymer frame and slide back. *lol*

But as I said, Ruger did well by us. We received a new magazine with the grip extension. A “Ruger LCP” ballcap. An apology letter and $25 for the Ruger Accessory store.

“Apology accepted!”

Now I just have to get to the range and send some lead thru it.

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  1. the recent recall is bad timing for Ruger, what with extreme competition out there in the handgun market

    • I don’t know if it’s got all that much of an effect. The Ruger LCP is a niche market that in reality has little competition other than the KelTec P3AT and a few others. Though it is a market that is heating up with both Kahr and Desert Eagle coming out with similarly sized entries. However those are in the $600 price range versus the LCP and P3AT which are in the $300 price range. (Significant difference in markets.)

      Ruger sold something like over 80,000 LCPs. If anything, it might have limited sales by a reduction in availability. But the LCP never reached a common availability even before the recall. Ruger was pumping them out as fast as they could and was incapable of keeping them on the shelves.

      I think Ruger also was wise to release the 20 round mags for the Mini-14, and to offer them for a discounted price of $29.99 with their Inaugural Sale. That said, I think they could have also offered a tactical version of the Mini-14 with a tactical stock, rails, etc. They offer the after market accessories – so who knows maybe they will release such a configuration.

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