NRA-ILA Alert: New Rules On Right-To-Carry In Our National Parks Take Effect Today

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), through the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, announced changes to rules on carrying firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges goes into effect today.

Please note, that these changes do not make all National Parks accessible to firearm owners. Instead, National Parks now fall under the same rules and regulations as similar areas under your local state law.

So don’t just run off to your nearest National Park without first checking what your local and state laws are.

More info here from the NRA.

And yes, the Brady Campaign and gun control powers have already begun launching attacks. One article I read commented on how they had visited a national park and some campers nearby were drinking and shooting off their rifles and why would we want more of that.  Which I found rather strange, since both of those activities were illegal and yet neither were prevented by the mere existence of laws prohibiting such action. I know that if someone was shooting off their rifles in a neighboring campsite, I’d want to be able to have my sidearm nearby.

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  1. Actually, it took effect on Friday. Yay for a weekend trip to Valley Forge!

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