Plain Clothed Police – and why I am against them…ai

Dear Police Officers, Sheriffs and other LEOs,

I as a citizen am tired of reading about incidents involving plain clothed officers.  I believe if you take off that uniform, you are nothing more than at best any other man, at worst a thug.

While I do believe there is a reason and a need for undercover officers, I believe it to be necessary only in select investigative situations. And that those situations should be prolonged cases, or use initiated (ie: buying drugs from an undercover cop, soliciting a female officer for sex in a prostitution sting, etc).

I do NOT believe a raid, response to a call, etc should be conducted by non-uniformed police officers. The exception is a emergency call where said off-duty officer is the nearest to the scene.

However, NEVER should such plain clothed officers wearing masks be involved in a pre-ordained SWAT style raid.  With the prominence and boldness of street gangs, and their tendency to confront citizens.  Any citizen confronted by a group of men in plain clothes acting aggressively is going to be assumed to be street urchins and NOT police officers.

While I want to be supportive of law enforcement officers, this trend must stop.  And the solution is NOT to disarm the citizens. Because frankly, you guys can’t be everywhere all the time. And if I had to base my viewpoint on my own personal experience, law enforcement is 0-6 with me on 911 calls.  I’ve dialed 911 six times in my life for what I believed were situations which endangered myself, my family or my community.  Of those six calls, zero were responded.

Sadly, that prejudices me to the fact that my safety and security is first and foremost in my own hands.

I AM TIRED…of reading about incidents where law enforcement bust down the wrong door, or barges when simply knocking could be sufficient.  Why would anyone expect citizens to respond to law enforcement officers who are dressed in civvies and wearing face masks as anything other than thugs?

Please stop!!!

Because if you do not, the result will either be you or I, or some other LEO or some other citizen needlessly dead.  This is bad policy. One that I think stems more from television’s influence than any real need in our society.

Yes, there are times for SWAT to roll in, yes even with covered faces to protect officer’s identity from retribution.  However, the SWAT teams should ALWAYS be in uniform. And such raids should be in conjunction with undercover investigation or an already active engagement (ie: hostage situation, shooting rampage in progress, etc).


Just some recent examples of stories that have left innocents dead at the hand of law enforcement officers:

  1. “Police Chief Warren Riley himself has stated he isn’t confident that Adolph Grimes knew the members of a street clothes roving narcotics squad approaching him with guns drawn were undercover police officers”
  2. “a blue van drove up and three men jumped out rushing toward her. One of them grabbed her saying, “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.””….As it turned out, the three men were plain-clothed Galveston police officers
  3. This SWAT raid was also a plain clothes raid.
  4. Another knock-thru-the-door SWAT invasion and caninicide…

These are becoming increasingly more common and more disturbing. I am starting to think that the solution is put an automated system on the front door. If the door is kicked open…automated shotguns fire at those immediately outside it.

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