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Don’t know about you. But I think this would be a pretty cool two gun set. With both handguns having matching serial numbers series.  And it’d be really cool if they came in a small custom “pelican” style waterproof case.

If you agree, maybe you should let Ruger know here



NOTE: This is NOT the 2010 Gun of the Year. I am just insinuating that it’d be a pretty cool combination to see as next year’s gun of the year. Maybe we can talk Ruger/Friends of the NRA into it.

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  1. That would be cool, but I don’t know about the LCP. Ever since the pro arms review, one thing has always stuck out for me. And that is Massad Ayoob’s comment about the thumb getting in the way of the trigger finger and having a tuck it in. To me that seems like the gun is a bit thin for its own good. I guess I’ll have to give it a whirl. That is, if I can find it…..

  2. Well, I wager that this is an issue for those who find a .45 double-stack Glock comfortable enough to hold.

    For guys like me with shorter stubbier hands and for women with smaller hands. I think the LCP does not pose such issues.

    But I do wish they made disposable back straps out of that soft gell they make bicycle seats out of. *lol*

  3. email is there. you just have to look for it and decode it. look for ben.

  4. well, maybe not. Gmail. Benjaminevictor

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