Review: Gander Mountain Electronic Hearing Protection by Safety Supply Corp

While I had a passing interest in hearing protection augmented with electronic amplification and cut off technology. I just haven’t been able to justify the high cost.

Participating in competition however has piqued my desire for such hearing protection. Something that will protect my ears but let me easily hear the ranger master’s instructions.

Gander Mountain had a pair for $29.99 so I decided to pick them up. Turns out they were only mono. But I figured that would still be advantageous. So tonight I used them for the first time during the competition. Talk about SEVERE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

They kept cutting out as the range master was talking. I was catching about every other word as the electronic cutoff circuit kept engaging – and no shooting was going on. Needless to say these will be going back to Gander Mountain this week. Sure glad I kept the receipt and packaging.

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