Zombie Shoot 2.5

Kenn Blanchard over at BlackManwithaGun.com launched the Zombie Targets a few months back. (It’s actually a fund raiser to raise $$$ for a new church van.)

I finally got a chance to shoot my target (an older 2.5 model). The new and improved 3.0 features shading, more defined target circles and a focus on head shots – being zombies and all.


I did this shoot at approx 30ft (wasn’t an exact measure so I had to guestimate, it’s somewhere around that 25ft-30ft distance).  I fired off 4 magazines for a total of 32 rounds using my Ruger P-345.   The lines on the 2.5 version aren’t as distinct so I focused more on the head itself. That said I was still shooting a bit low. However, I was quite please that  ALL of my hits but one fell on the zombies (Ragetti & Pintel).  And even though my head shots were low and outside the target circle they were still dedicated head shots that would have provided lethal .45 rounds on the zombie.




And thankfully, I was able to avoid hitting little Suzie, and even spared her teddy bear.


Maybe that’s why I am a member of the PA “Zombie Response Team”

Pennsylvania Zombie Response Team

While this may just seem like “silly fun” there is an advantage to training with a target that not only requires you hit the target, but also requires that you NOT hit the target.  Sometimes, both are equally important – especially when it’s a pair of thugs and your loved one is in their grasp.  May all of us be blessed to only have to use such skills on silly targets with Zombies on them and never in real life.


UPDATE:  Kenn Blanchard over at BlackManWithAGun.com sent me a copy of a drill he put together for use with the Zombie Targets.  I’ve converted it into a PDF for easy download (minus the graphics).

The Urban Shooter Zombie Drill

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  1. Never in real life against the real zombies, right? Cause if that’s the case, your just denying the inevitable. It’s going to happen.

  2. “Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.” –Napoleon Hill

    Thanks Bro, for the shout out, and being out here to make a difference. The Zombie Targets were my attempt to create “something” that could be used for the cause of freedom and yet help my seniors eventually. I just lost two of them (they passed away) this week that I was raising the money for the van for but the mission is still alive. The targets are also to increase awareness and responsible shooting in a defensive situation. Going to pass on a shooting drill document for your readers that you can give to them from here. Feel free to share it. Just show some love and consider listening to my podcast and keep in touch with NUGUN here.

  3. […] – I shot the Zombie 2.5 targets on my own a few weeks back, you can see the results here… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Some competitive action in York county…A […]

  4. Hi where can i get a PA Zombie response team patch like that ?

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