Revision Eyewear – safety glasses vs shotgun

The Firearm Blog posted some info on Revision safety eyeware. Includes a video showing the lens being shot at with a shotgun @ 16 feet.  Appears to be pretty impressive.  But I don’t know enough about eyeware to make a judgment.

Is this hype, or is this a valid protection tool that exceeds that far exceeds the standard safety glasses?

Would love to know the thoughts of others…

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  1. I don’t know… I’m pretty sure all Oakleys are ANSI rated- that’s what most guys I knew in the sandbox were wearing. The Revision stuff looks good, but nothing that hasn’t been around for 10+ years. I’ve had my “bulletproof” Oakleys about that long- now what I want is a bullet proof face mask!

    The number 6 shot they were shooting at the glasses is very light. Proof, of a sort, that a light projectile moving fast simply loses it’s inertia and ability to penetrate… LOL.

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