N.U.G.U.N.’s Nu Gun

First off, I want to share about  a change in how I will be post about firearms in the future. In the past, I have been trying to review all my firearms in sequence of purchase. My original thought when I started this blog, is that I would be able to  catch up and post about all of my prior firearm purchases within a month or so. That has not happened!

The result, I’ve bought a couple firearms (including my very first rifles) and not blogged about them as of yet. Intending to catch up on the reviews of others.  So my new policy for the N.U.G.U.N. Blog is to post about new acquisitions, and later as time allows I will review the firearms.


So without further adieu….

T/C Flintlock Muzzleloader

Thompson/Center Arms Fire Storm™
.50-Caliber Flintlock Muzzleloader

I just ordered this from Gander Mountain online and am waiting for it to be delivered. This is a modern manufactured flintlock muzzleloader. It features fiberoptic sights, 1:48″ twist for use with balls and conicals, black composite stock.  Can use up to 150 grains FFG black powder or three pyrodex pellets.

This is regularly priced around $449-$499.  Gander Mountain had the blued version on sale for $337.  I had just received a coupon by email that offered me 30% off.  Dropping the price down to $235.

(Today I was thinking about the oddity of a flintlock muzzleloader with fiber optics. It almost qualifies as a “steam punk” rifle. Maybe I’ll have to add an optional laser mount and make this my official steam punk gun. *lol*)

A flintlock muzzleloader was one of the firearms on my “acquisition list”.  In many ways I see this as the epitome of survival tools. While it would be nearly impossible for me to manufacture a modern day cartridge (bullet, case, primer, as well as the smokeless powder and primer explosive).  I could with some dedication manufacture musket ball, flints, and even rudimentary blackpowder.

If ammunition ever became restricted or hard to find, one would want to conserve as much of their modern ammo as possible for self-defense purposes. One would not want to waste it on hunting when a simpler musket will do fine.

So now you’re probably wondering what my other rifle purchases were….coming soon!


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  1. And you just hit on why I think a black powder gun is so important! Aside from the obvious evil black rifle, I believe a gun like this is the most offensive, and possibly most important, firearm you can own.
    1) It’s a .50 cal. OMG. Don’t shoot down any 747’s!
    2) OSHA has tried to effectively ban gun powder by ruling it as an explosive.
    3) The Humane Society has tried to ban lead ammunition.
    4) Ammo serialization? Are you kidding me?

    If things ever get “that bad”, you can cast your own lead bullets (wheels weights from tire change places work), and one can indeed learn to carefully formulate their own black powder. The increased strength of your 150g capable T/C will be a great asset in that case.

    Good job!

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