Success!!! This week in shooting league!

This Tuesday night was the third week in the Winter Shooting League @ Freedom Armory

Last week I had an after-work conference and was unable to participate in the league.  I was really disappointed with my performance the first week, and the technical failures that ensued.  I had gone in excited and expecting, not expecting a win or anything, just expecting a smooth performance and hoped to get most of my shots off.

This week, I went in just hoping for a better shoot than the last one….


We did a simple shoot from behind cover (cover being a wood board erected to simulate a wall/barrier).  6 shots to the right, reholster, followed by 6 shots to the left. We did this four times at different distances, I think as far out as 40 yds, shooting at Bianchi Cup targets.

I think this is the first match that I might have landed all my rounds on target.  And while I didn’t place in the upper crust, I was pleased to place in the middle of the pack – as opposed to the bottom of the barrel.

It was just a joy that everything went smoothly, no technical failures, no human failures.   The new holster worked far better than my old nylon one.  There is definitely room for improvement, but now my focus is on procedures and shooting (draw, aim, fire, recover, reload, reholster). If I were to lay any criticism on this week’s shoot, it’d be the fact that I didn’t walk away with some dawning revelation to offer my readers as I have done in most of my previous competition nights.

Sorry, this shooting night, I simply learned that there is hope to succeed.


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  1. That is so cool! We don’t have such a league around here that I know of. I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.

  2. Are you sure there are no leagues near by? Sometimes it can be hard to find out about them…

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