The RTKBA shall not be infringed…unless you are a school teacher!

Days of our Trailers has posted a disturbing article regarding a Beaver Dam Middle School teacher who is now on administrative leave, her crime….

She had a picture on Facebook of her holding a gun!

How sad, that our education system has declined so far, that even the PhD’s running the school systems have so little knowledge of the Constitution.  Frankly, I’d love to see this case taken up by a Constitutional lawyer.  As I believe it violates the 2nd Amendment and the right to privacy and liberty.

When a mere photo of a teacher using her Constitutionally protected right can cost her, her job…please explain to me how her 2nd Amendment rights are not being infringed?


I have written a letter to Superintendent of schools Donald Childs. As well as CC’ing that letter to all the members of the Board of Education.


Board of Education

This doesn’t just affect one school system. This affects all of our rights!

Article here!

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  1. I don’t even understand how they put someone on administrative leave for holding a gun?!?!

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