Gun V: G is for Gun, Glock, Good Price!

In the prior post I mentioned that my wife and I went to pick up a Ruger LCP.  What I didn’t mention was that while perusing the consignment shelf I noticed a Glock 17.

I’d been interested in getting a Glock chambered in 9mm. In fact I had already purchased two of the “high capacity” magazines for the Glock 9mm in case they got banned again. (And yes, I mean “high capacity”, as these hold 33 rounds.)

However, I couldn’t justify the $400-$500 I was seeing for Glocks – even the used ones.  So here I was staring at a used Glock 17 with three magazines for $300. It was an older model but appeared to be in okay condition.  I looked at my wife, gave her the puppy dog eyes. And she said… “ohhhh-kayyy”.

Glock 17

And we went home with two guns instead of one.

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  1. YAY!!!

  2. It’s actually my least favorite gun. And no where near as easy to disassemble and clean as my P-345.

    But it was cheap and I can pack it with 33 rounds. Not bad! I think we picked this up back in June along with the LCP.

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