Is the General Preparedness of Americans . . . on the Rise?

Yesterday I was at my local Walgreen’s picking up some Valentine’s cards. Had a brief mentioned on politics and how crazy it’s getting.   The cashier, a young lady, commented that she’s ready if she needs to be. She knows how to grow her own food, can shoot and has guns.

I was happily taken aback.  One of my concerns is that many seem to dismiss the potential dangers of our present path. I feel that this is mostly due to a lack of education in history.  One can feel a bit alone, wondering “Does anyone else get it?”

Last night was an uplifting event, in that it showed me that more Americans “get it” that one might think. There are more Americans with a sense that it could get really messy, and that right now it is important to have the means to both provision and protect yourself.

Is the General Preparedness of Americans on the Rise? Are American’s “Spider-Sense” tingling and telling them to “Be Ready!” – I think so.  And that is a good thing, a very good thing.

“We are not alone!”

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  1. The wife use to pick on me for storing food,water,and ammo away like a chip monk, but as of late she had a change of heart. Nothing like a potential crisis to change one’s reality.

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