A Gunnie Saturday!: Part II

Fast forward a couple hours and we were on our way to our very first Friends of the NRA dinner in Lancaster. (Which just happens to be in the top 15 nationwide.)  Now, I have never been to one of these and didn’t know what to fully expect.

We were running a 1/2 hour late thanks to a mistake on my part. I mis-entered the time of the event. Thankfully it was a buffet dinner and we were still able to eat.  The food was quite delicious (included veggies, real mashed potatoes, chicken, pork, salmon and roast beef).

After that we reviewed the various offerings. There was a silent auction (where you write down your high bids for items).  A scheduled “live auction”. A number of games, raffles, both large and small.  Then there was a 21 gun raffle. There was even a table gun. Where everyone who participated at a table wins the same gun. This year it was a Taurus Judge.

We had some tickets for the small raffles which also included a bonus ticket for a chance at 5 other guns.  My wife and I placed our 8-10 little tickets in for the various item batches we wanted. (They had about 40 of these little raffles that would include a variety of things from knives to fishing poles, to gun mounting kits, hearing protection, and a diversity of other items.)

We also put an entry in for the “Win it All” table. Which had a $1,000 of merchandise (about 50 items I’d guess).

One entry for the “Guns of Year” BINGO raffle.  You had the option of a matched pair of Ruger Vaquero’s or an NRA Mini-14. Which was won during a live auction by the gentlemen sitting next to us for $510. (What a steal!) If my wife would have let me, I’d have bought it.

We did not win any of the raffles. I did win a silent auction bid on a Sightmark Dual Reflex Laser sight for $55 (they seem to go for about $69-79 online).

But we had a great time, good food, and fun – and my wife really enjoyed having an adult night out away from the baby girl.  Definitely recommend you attend one of these events.  In fact, if you live in York County or the surrounding area, we are having the “White Rose Friends of the NRA Dinner” in April. Email me for more information if you’re interested.

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