Movie Reviews: Defiance / Gran Torino

Oleg Volk posted his movie reviews. And I realized this is something I’ve been meaning to do but have continued to put off.  I’m not going to give as detailed scoring of the film as Oleg. Mostly just my feelings.


Enjoyed the movie. It was a decent film, nothing spectacular. But it was fun and a good gun guy’s night out movie.  I mean who doesn’t like seeing Mosin-Nagant’s on the big screen. My understanding is that the movie really diverged from reality and history on many levels, and mostly used the concept as a springboard. That said, the underlying themes that I got from the film were that if you concede to corrupt totalitarian government it will likely lead to your death. It is better to flee and fight. And flee again. And fight again.  It also showed the strong need for both community and leadership. Without strong leaders, the sheep perish.

It also reminded me of my concern regarding the advancement of technology. In one scene the encampment is spotted by airplane. This leads to their having to move and suffering a number of casualties.  That was WWII.  How does one avoid a Predator drone with infrared cameras and advanced targeting systems.  In truth, as much as the antis oppose semi-automatic (so-called assault weapons) and describe them in the fashion of true automatic assault rifles.  I am left with the continual question of how can men even with fully automatic rifles survive, hide, and exist against the like of Predator drones?


Gran Torino

Okay, this movie isn’t going to win an Academy award.  And there are a few aspects in the movie where it feels like there should be more (Dirty Harry, extended edition please).  But the beauty of this film is two fold. One it is the absolute anti-epitome of “political correctness”. People utilize ethnic throughout the film. Both in derogatory fashion but also in friendship and camaraderie.

It also is a gunnie film. Fans of classic military guns, 1911s, etc should enjoy.  (I am curious if these were from Clint Eastwood’s personal collection?).  The movie also tends to be a bit more realistic than many gun films. (ie: Clint Eastwood pumps the shotgun before engaging, less cinematic but a heck of a lot smarter).  Also this movie is realistic. It’s not a super-hero vigilante goes guns blazing and takes down all the bad guys type film.  It confines itself to reality…which is nice.

The film does contain some disturbing scenes, topics. Rape, racism, violence.  Seems like every review has to make caveats for the political incorrectness. But that’s what’s beautiful about the film. You see prejudice, you also see such barriers change. But that doesn’t get rid of the political incorrectness. Just changes the heart behind the statements.

All in all the film was well delivered…rumor has it that this may be Clint Eastwood’s last screen appearance as a leading man.

I’d label Gran Torino a “must see” gunnie film.

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  1. I loved Gran Torino and thought it was Eastwood’s best flick. I’ll answer your questions raised by Defiance in person, at the NRA meeting…

  2. I loved Gran Torino. I don’t know why but I was hooked from the second I started watching it. Something about it was just great, though I can’t place my finger on it.
    Feel free to share your opinion on the movies I have reviewed:

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