On Ammo…. (or the lack thereof)

So this month I took out a little savings from my IRA to invest in an asset unlikely to depreciate. Namely ammo. My intention was to pick up a case of .223, a sardine tin or two of 7.62x54r for my Mosin-Nagant.  And some 45 ACP.  And maybe split a case of 9mm or .357 Magnum with a friend.

The result?

Well, I did get my sardine tin of 7.62x54r from a local dealer at the York Gun Show for $99. I eyed the cases of .223 Remington he had, but my withdrawal check had not arrived yet. A few days later it arrived and I went back to the store to buy a second tin and some of the .223 Remington.  ALL GONE!!!

So I went to several online sites. Most of which were all out of standard .223, 45 ACP, 9mm, etc.  I eventually bought a case of Fiocchi .223 Remington at $410/case.  A little bit more than I really wanted to pay.   I also ordered another 800 rounds for my Mosin-Nagant for $172 taxed & shipped.

I’ve stopped at a number of different local Walmarts on several occasions. The 100 round White Box Winchester .45ACP ($30/100), the Blazer Brass .45 ACP ($15/50), Federal American Eagle .223 ($40/100) and most of the lesser stuff I buy all OUT OF STOCK.

The entire nation appears to be OUT OF STOCK on ammo.  I did purchase some auxiliary items I needed from MidwayUSA.com (namely a tactical Mini-14 stock, cleaning rod, cleaning supplies, few books, etc) as I had a birthday coupon that expires on Friday.  It’s almost easier trying to find silver bullion than it is ammo. And if you collect silver or gold, you know that while prices have been down in recent months availability has been low.

Anyways, here is a site that tries to collate a number of the online stores for best ammo prices.


“Bullet for a loaf of bread”

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  1. I’ve always said that there will come a day when ammunition will be worth more than money… sounds like it’s on its way.


  2. “I’ve always said that there will come a day when ammunition will be worth more than money… sounds like it’s on its way.”

    Sadly, you might be right…

    I saw the link on one of the other blogs. But I’ve seen it before. So I thought to repost it this time.


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