It can’t happen here…we’re civilized!

How many Americans simply accept the status quo as enduring and believe America is immune to instability.   Yet you can see our future by looking across the sea at our socialist friends in France.

Strikes, hostages, and riots.  And it’s growing more common over there.  We think that our society is “civilized” because we’re technologically advanced.  The two are not one and the same.

4 men are being held hostage. They strikers state they intend no harm. But what if things changed? What if they tried to leave…they’d be restrained and harmed of course.  Would the situation being different if one of the hostages had been a concealed carrier? Perhaps those men would be home with their families.

While economic decline is a troublesome event.  It’s the character of mankind that poses some of it’s greatest dangers.  America may not be very far behind France in these matters.

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  1. “They did not want to harm the Caterpillar executives, Benoit told CNN.”

    Am I the only one who reads a “but we will if we think it’s necessary” into that statement? I can’t believe It’s shameful that the French would allow their unions to behave this way.

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