Fox News debunks the “90% myth” regarding Mexican drug cartel arms.

A great article addressing the present crisis in Mexico and arms and how America factors in…

The reality is that only 17% of the arms found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S. 



(Wait, where can I get rocket propelled grenades? I never seen grenades in any of the shops I visit. Granted, the Mini14 in the picture did come from the U.S.)

So where might the Mexican drug cartels be getting their weapons? I’d wager the following are the real exporters of arms to Mexico.

  • South America (Hugo Chavez has a nice factory)
  • China manufactures AKs and we all know, China sells EVERYTHING cheaper.
  • Ex-Soviet Bloc nations have thousands of surplus arms.
  • U.S. Government – We gave them millions in aid, training and arms a year or so ago.  Entire units we trained switched sides and brought their equipment and arms with them. I’d wager that if your traced most of the U.S. arms that a high percentage would actually trace to the serial numbers from the U.S. aid package to Mexico.
  • Mexican Army – Over the past 6 years over a 150,000 soldiers have deserted. Many, if not most, taking their arms with them.

Question I’ve had is  “Why would they come up to the U.S. and spend $800 on a semi-automatic AK-47 when they can purchase the fully auto versions for probably half that through the black market.” 

I’ll believe that a lot of the semi-auto ARs and other rifles bought in the U.S. and shipped down to Mexico are actually from the Joe-average man wanting to defend his family and/or the average scum/criminal and not the drug cartels.

I also think it’s interesting that these arms are recovered from crime scenes. While I know there have been a number of major busts against the cartels. I am wondering if what we’re seeing is the arms of the losers. The people who fell on the wrong side of the drug cartels and who could only arm themselves with semi-autos purchased over the border. Facing cartel members with fully automatic rifles.


The Shooting Wire ads their commentary as well…

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