A nice day at the range…

Today my wife and I had a chance to leave the little one at Grandma’s and head off to the range. It was a gorgeous sunny day, albeit extremely windy. Brought with us our Ruger MK III Hunter, the Mrs. Ruger LCP. I also tried out a cheap little dual reflex / laser sight, which I mounted to our MK III.

Mixed thoughts on the reflex. I found it easy to shoot. But the unit seemed defective.  The red reticle disappearing periodically only to reappear upon firing another shot. I will have to contact the manufacturer.  Kind of bummed, as this is the unit I picked up at Lancaster Friends of the NRA dinner’s silent auction. Accuracy was decent when the unit worked properly. 

We then fired some rounds with the Ruger LCP.  The Mr’s first go at things was pretty decent.  We then both shot the MK III some more.  My wife than returned to the LCP, but with less than stellar results. (The LCP for anyone who has not shot it has very minimal sights. And it takes a bit of use to really hone in on how to aim the thing.)  

I decided to give it a try and really focus on the method of sighting and aiming and to take my time firing. I did very slow relaxed trigger pulls.  You should have seen my surprise when I put all 6 rounds in an approximate 2 1/2″ group @ 25 ft.  I was rather flabbergasted as I don’t usually do that well even with my carry gun that I practice with much more often. In fact, I probably only achieve that with my MK III.  

Of course I felt bad, as here I was trying to figure out the best way to sight it in and be an example to my wife. And I come off with what was a near perfect group for me. Wasn’t trying to show her up. *lol*   This also really woke me up to just how extremely accurate the little Ruger LCP is.  I am not a very experienced shooter, while I am learning. A 2 1/2″ group @25ft is pretty extraordinary for me. To get that out of a lightweight short mouse gun is just simply amazing.

Thankfully, when it comes to shooting, my wife and I have a great relationship. I always read (both in books and online) “Don’t teach your spouse!”, etc, etc.  But surprisingly we have next to zero conflict in this area.  Anyways, while we were out at the range I took a couple of short videos which I’ve posted below.


Video 1


Video 2

(fyi, she got 10 out of 12 rounds on target)

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