Rest In Peace DASY


Marcus Luttrell, the lone surviving Navy S.E.A.L. from the vicious battle in Afghanistan back in 2005.  (See the book “Lone Survivor”)He suffered a bullet wound to one leg, shrapnel in both and three cracked vertabrae. During recovery he was given a recovery dog which he named DASY after his squad: Danny, Axe, Southern Boy (Marcus), Yankee.

Three punks out for a joy ride decided to shoot DASY.  Marcus pursued them across three counties at upwards of a 100mph until police were able to detain them.  They are suspected in a slew of dog murders over the past few months. The driver of the vehicle was cited for not having a license.

These three punks had no idea who they picked a fight with. The suspects were talking smack & making threats when they were detained. I wonder if they’ve yet realized that they basically came very close to meeting their makers.  
Read about it…

Listen to the 911 conversation during the high speed chase…



My thoughts on the situation…

Glad a bunch of punks are hopefully going to jail.  That said, chasing and engaging bad guys is dangerous.  The question of whether he could have fired in self-defense is rather objective.  The murder of a pet is not likely to stand up in court as justification for shooting another human being (even if the scum deserves to be shot).  

That said, walking out of your house to find three punks with a gun, your dog shot dead, would make many feel their life was threatened. No one would know the intentions of the the scumbags. Did they shoot your dog to silence it and remove it as a threat before entering your home?  They’ve already shown the willingness to shoot and to kill.  IMHO, I think most people would feel endagered and therefore be justified.  

Marcus Lutrell on the otherhand did not take the guys out. Even though all three probably would have been dead before they knew what happened had he chosen to do so. Instead, he called 911 and engaged in a long high speed pursuit across three counties. Until the police could finally interdict the punks.  That said, for most of us, this would have been a poor decision. One man chasing down three punks who are armed is not the best odds. (But hey, I guess when you’ve faced odds of 25-50 to 1 and survived.  Three doesn’t seem so intimidating.)

That said, if we put ourselves in this position, and it was our most precious things in the world – our child – that these punks had shot and killed. I’d wager that most dads would be chasing at 110 mph….

That said, one must understand that there are two paradigms. One is justice. And one is legal.  While they both often meet there are many times that they do not.  Chasing a bad guy is most often a bad choice in the eyes of the legal system.

That said, if I sat on a jury and heard that a bunch of punks shot some daddy’s little girl just for fun. And he chased them down and slew them all.  I’d view the action as justifiable murder, but I don’t think our legal system has that option.   

Most of all. Just be mentally prepared. Make your decisions ahead of time. And know why, and be able to express why you chose a given course of action. And lastly, be willing to suffer the consequences for choosing such action.


Lastly, Marcus if you ever happen to stumble upon this thread. My sincerest condolences to your loss and my sincerest thank you to for protecting us both abroad and from scum right here at home.


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