Obama blames U.S. guns in Mexico

Washington times re-iterates much of the myth but if you actually stick through until page two they do a fairly decent job of mentioning the opposition viewpoints. Quoting Fox News statement that the U.S. is responsible for less than 17% and not 90%.  It’s a step in the right direction.  


Some additional thoughts…

“U.S. to provide money and equipment such as military helicopters, and to impose tougher restrictions on guns.”

Ironically, many of the guns the drug cartels are using came from the last time we gave the Mexican government military aid and arms.  

We trained elite units to combat the drug cartels and entire units switched sides to the drug cartels.

In fact, Mexico has been experiencing extremely high levels of desertion from their military. Thousands and thousands of soldiers deserting every year. Often with their arms; only to be employed by the drug cartels.

“Regarding the 1994 ban on certain semi-automatics”

This would have little effect on the situation in Mexico.  As many of the firearms are not semi-automatic versions but fully automatic battle rifles. 

The drug cartels are not weilding AR-15 rifles. They’re wielding fully automatic M-16/M4 rifles, rocket propelled grenades, mortars and more. These are not weapons you can just pick up at any mom & pop gun dealer. 

Yes the media seems to continue to perpetuate the myth that Mexico’s problems of violence are America’s fault.

“CIFTA, the small arms trafficking treaty”

The U.S. hasn’t ratified this treaty though many South and Central American governments have. But this has done little to stop the influx of fully automatic battle rifles entering Mexico from South America.  

It’s also rather ironic that while conservatives have been begging for border control for several years now. That this has been a policy rejected by most of the Democrats. And yet it would aid in the reduction of drug, firearm and illegal immigrant traffic.  Instead, they want to take away the rights of citizens.  

I fully object to illegal aliens illegal activities being protected, while my Constitutional rights are infringed and restricted.

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