2nd Amendment Rally – Part I: “Breakfast & Oops”

Just got back from the rally…what a day!

The day started with dropping my daughter off at daycare. Then off to Harrisburg.  I met up at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast with a bunch of the crew from PAFOA.

Good time, good food, and a good lesson on etiquette too. The topic of the raffle for a Ruger LCP came up. Someone asked what it was and why so many wanted one. I had mine with me and offered to show it to them. For which they were interested and I did.  I am still very new to the gun culture. This was only my second “carry” event that I had been too. And while I did so very cautiously and safely, knowing that no round was chambered but handling as if it were loaded. I cleared the firearm, obeying all the rules and let him see it.  I was approached later in private by one of the crew, who in a very friendly manner let me know that some could be offended by removing from the holster. Realizing it was poor etiquette, I felt pretty bad the rest of the day. But this is how you learn folks.

And that’s why I am sharing it. It is never easy to share one’s failures. I could have, and trust me, was sore tempted to just take the learning experience for what it was and move on. No one knowing the better.  But that’s not the purpose of this blog. This blog’s focus is toward new shooters. So that you can learn right along with me. And if I did not share today’s experience than I’d be cheating you out of a learning experience. Worse…condeming you to potentially make a similar mistake.

So there it is….my embarassing learning experience


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