My new Ruger P-345 chambered in 6mm

This weekend while at a local BassPro shop, I picked up a brand new Ruger P-345 chambered in 6mm.

That’s right…6mm ball (pellet) ammo.  *LOL*  I’ve read a number of posts about the usefulness of airsoft guns for practice and training. Especially if you can find one modelled after your actual firearm.

I mentioned to my wife my interest in picking one up. But silently thought to myself “I’ll never find one for my gun though…”.  Lo and behold my shock and surprise when I see a Ruger airsoft gun.  I expected it to be a P90 or something. But it turned out to be modeled off my Ruger P-345.

The airsoft P345 incorporates the typical clear plastic and red barrel tip that has become commonplace.  The magazine release is in the correct location and does in fact eject the pellet magazine. The safety is merely a fixed plastic mold. The air gun features a safety on the right side near the barrel.

I’ve taken some side by side photographs for comparison.The air soft in fact fits my Ruger P-345 Fobus holster. Though it did require that I loosen the tension screw.  (Oh, and the air soft came with fiber optic sights!)

The 6mm Ruger P-345 airsoft turned out to be fair accurately. I was able to easily hit an aluminum can at around 30 ft, blow the heads off of dandelions at a few yards, and scare the crap out of a couple of birds about 100-200 ft away.

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  1. Good stuff. I’ve been looking at getting an M&P version so I can “practice” IDPA courses in my basement.

  2. where would you find a extra magazine for this gun?

  3. That is a good question. I know that some use a semi-standard magazine. (I’ve seen them for 1911 airguns.)

    Does make you wish they included an extra magazine. You might be able to contact the manufacturer and express interest in replacement parts. And then explain the reason you need 6 replacements. *LOL*

  4. I’ve been looking for POV pictures of this airsoft pistol’s fiber optics, to know if they are for real or not. Thanks for the nice pictures. I just made the purchase.

    Extra Mags: the magazines for the Crosman C11 Airsoft pistol are compatible with this model, from what I read. The magazines don’t have the plate at the bottom, they have a 15-round capacity instead of the 16-round capacity of this model’s magazine, and they reportedly fall out easily. Otherwise, they are compatible, and they are available even at Walmart. The only thing to be careful of is that you get the clip for the 6mm version. Some places list C11 clips for 4.5mm (0.177), but that may just be a typo.

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