Why I oppose parole…

“Thomas was sentenced to six years in 1957 for burglary and attempted rape in Los Angeles. Two parole violations sent him back behind bars until 1966.”

I am opposed to parole, early release, and short sentences for violent predatory crimes. It’s one thing to parole a non-violent criminal. But violent criminals who are paroled have a tendency to commit further violence.  In fact, were the full scope of their violence known, we’d probably never parole them.

“Police believe [the] 72-year-old insurance claims adjuster arrested earlier this month is the most prolific serial killer in the city’s [Los Angeles] history, having raped and strangled as many as 30 older women over two decades.”

More information here…

It is also why I support the death penalty. I would oppose it, if our government actually made even a half-hearted attempt to keep convicted violent predators in prison.

Until then, I reserve the right to keep and protect my family!

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