Why choosing a good instructor is important!

When I became a handgun owner I entered into a world of new responsibility. I made the determination to get proper training.  Since that time, I have taken a number of NRA training classes.  I found an instructor at Freedom Armory, a local range, that I found to be both competent and who’s personality I enjoy.   The first is extremely important, the latter is beneficial as you will learn more if you like your instructor.

Freedom Armory was not the first place I looked into taking the NRA course at.  However, the owner and instructor at the first place I inquired about taking an NRA class did not instill confidence in me.  So I delayed the taking of my course and decided to take it elsewhere. Ieventually paid a few extra $$$ to take the course at Freedom Armory.  I believe such was one of the best decisions I made in my training.

Just because someone is certified does not always mean they are competent nor safe. As this news article sadly shows. Where a student in a concealed weapons class was negligently shot in the face by the instructor.


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