5.15.09 – Ruger to announce a new product!

Go to the website to be teased.  “Another platform redefined!”

I don’t know what it will be. They lead up with the SR9, LCP, LCR. One friend thinks it’ll be an SR40.  (Is that neat enough to hype up? I wouldn’t bat an eye at that, but perhaps others would.)  Some web chatter suggesting a 1911.

But does that meet the criteria as a “platform” being redefined. What’s kind of odd to me is the use of platform. I’ve really only heard that termed used in reference to the AR-15. And while many hoped for a Ruger AR, I’ve really doubted that we’d see such. (But I could be wrong!)

I think I saw some info regarding a Ruger MiniXGI prototype going up for auction. These were an attempt at building a Mini around the .308 caliber.

Could that be a hint at a .308 semi-auto from Ruger?  But going back to the word “platform”.

Is .40 caliber a platform?  Is any caliber a platform?  Or could this be some significant redesign and modularization of the Mini line?  I really have no clue.  I am hoping it something in the rifle arena as the past few new designs have been handguns.  (Yes, they came out with tacti-cooler versions of the Mini14, but these were really just stocks and flash suppressors. Nothing beyond 3rd party customization.)

Well…we’ll find out!

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  1. […] N.U.G.U.N thinks a .308 Mini-14 is possible. Ruger does not have a medium game hunting autoloader so this would fill a hole in their product offering. I think it is unlikely because I don’t think the M14 design is going to appeal to hunters and so far the Mini-14 accuracy has not been all that great. […]

  2. Ruger is clearly hinting at something with the words “platform redefined.” There is a lot of chatter about a piston AR, and I even suggested that possibility over at my site. However, I don’t know if that is “enough” to merit the “redefined.” I’m not sold on the idea of a Ruger AR, and the picture of the bolt carrier with the Ruger markings isn’t ringing true for me.

    I am thinking a polymer 1911 is a possibility, or a personal defense/tactical shotgun might be in the works. I think the shotgun is a solid choice, as it is a gap in their product line.

    Anyway, just my thoughts…YMMV.

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