Photos from the NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop and More

Here are some photos from the Grassroots workshop.

Click here for Gallery with more photos!

We heard from Dick Heller than NRA President John Sigler. I do not recall the next person but I think it was one of the NRA VPs, maybe Cox. Who was then followed by Wayne LaPierre. A few others spoke but I departed to catch the Ruger announcement (details coming soon).

I also caught Eric taking a photo. Just a little fun there. They had a band playing at the Celebration for American values. I was planning to attend, then kind of decided to hit other things. Maybe it was because there were a few too many people I was not interested in like McCain, Romney, Steele. And those I was more interested in I had already heard from or met in a more personal encounter, like Dick Heller.

I was hoping to meet Marcus Lutrell, but apparently he had a personal situation arise. The result is that most of the people I had really wanted to meet and see were not going to be there. (I think they were going to do some video feeds.) Anyways, there is a photo of the band that was performing before the forum.

I then returned to the exhibit hall. How about some shiny metallic AR receivers and uppers to compete with Eric’s plastic purple lower that he picked up from Calvary Arms on Thursday?

Barret gun porn…. *drool*

Shiny seems to be coming in vogue. There was a beautiful metallic red safe. And the Cobra arms with a huge variety of colored metallic arms.

Finally, the best for last…why it’s “Eddie Eagle” boys and girls!

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