Alert: York Lost/Stolen Bill to Return…City Council Meeting tomorrow at 7pm

Several months ago there was a Lost/Stolen bill before the York City Council that would have made gun owners guilty until proven innocent.  We were not quite successful in defeating the bill, as the mayor had gotten one or more council members to promise to table the bill instead.

We expressed our concern that the issue would be brought up in the dark of the night (or the heat of the summer) with little notice.  We were promised this would not happen. Today I received an email from the President of York City Council, Joseph Musso, to that effect. He believes that the bill will be brought back up for action at tomorrow’s meeting Wednesday, May 20th, as he has been receiving numerous calls in a concerted effort by gun control and community activists, both local and out-of-state.  Utilizing the recent

First off, I would like to thank President Joseph Musso, both for his handling when the bill was first brought up. And for his alerting us to the probability that it will be resurrected at this week’s council meeting.  His email to me is included below.

It is my intention to be there tomorrow, and my hope you can join me. If the bill does come up, it is integral that we voice our opposition and see it defeated.  If it does not come up, then we will utilize the meeting as a pre-emptive strike to see that it remains tabled or is voted down.


I am writing to advise you that it appears that Councilwoman Toni Smith intends to request that Bill 58, also known as the lost or stolen gun law, be removed from the table for action at the upcoming City Council meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 20th.  I am getting calls from gun control advocates and have been advised that community activists have been requested to attend the meeting in support of Councilwoman Smith.  The move is obviously designed to take advantage of the recent death of an innocent 5 year old on Mothers Day.

I write to you because you may have the ability to advise those opposed to this legislation of the situation. 

Joseph R. Musso, President
York City Council

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