Carry in Parks almost re-restored!

Measure to Allow Conceal Carry in National Parks in accordance to state regulation has now passed both the Senate and the House.

It was attached to a Credit Card Reform bill as an amendment. And while I dislike the whole system of attachments on unrelated bills, and would prefer to see a one-item per bill policy.  Such is the politics in Washington. It’s attachment to the Credit Card Reform bill makes it unlikely that President Obama will veto the bill.

For those following the National Parks carry issue.  There was an executive order policy change by the Bush Administration, to allow carry in National Parks. While it seemed to some as a last minute decision by the former President’s administration, it had been in the work for quite a few years.

The Brady Campaign filed for an injunction claiming no environmental impact study was done. (None is really necessary, because there is no environmental impact. This is pretty common sense. The only time there is environmental impact is if someone uses the firearm to protect their life. And that IMHO takes precedent over the environment.) However, the judge let their request for an injunction stand. And the newly elected Obama Administration declined to put up a legal defense. (Though the NRA intended to do so.)

This passage of this bill will eliminate that legal situation and re-restore our rights to carry in National Parks. Let’s just hope that Obama doesn’t veto the bill. If he does, it will truly show that his primary intent above all else (even restoring the economy) is gun control.


PS – Sorry for being a little late getting the word out on this. I first heard about it going through the house a day or two ago. But am still recuperating from Phoenix. Trying to get caught up with everything…and not doing the best job. Have to face the wife tonight when she gets home, and wonders why I didn’t get half the stuff done I was supposed to.  On top of that we’ve got a local battle in York on a proposed “Lost/Stolen” bill being re-introduced. And that consumed nearly an entire day’s free time this week.


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