Plain clothed officers kill fellow off-duty officer

Tragic situation in which an off-duty cop pursues a man who broke into his car.

When two officers in plain clothes and in an unmarked car pull up to detain the two men in the chase. And shoot and kill their fellow officer.

Um, excuse me…but WHY are our cops shooting on site? No questions asked? Or let me make a guess that two guys hop out of a car in plain clothes pointing a gun at the officer. He thinks they’re two punk friends of the guy who just broke into his car. Turns to face them with his gun.  Blamo!!!

Once again, I have become an increasing critic of plains clothed officers. And would be very curious to know the statistic of accidental deaths by officers in uniform versus plain clothes.

I believe plain clothed officers should only be used when undercover.

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  1. In addition, would this have happened the same way in a right-to-carry state? Officers there have at least the idea in their heads that someone other than uniformed officers have a legal justification to possess/use a firearm, rather than an automatic assumption that anyone with a weapon is a bad guy…

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