How to disarm a populace….

  1. Ban machine guns. [Already done in America]
  2. Ban advanced modern semi-automatic rifles (so called assault weapons). [Present battle in America]
  3. Ban handguns
  4. Limit citizens to hunting style weapons only (bolt, lever & manual action rifles and shotguns). [Australia]
  5. Eliminate and restrict hunting.
    (Like this article is stating is potentially happening in Australia now.)
  6. Then since there is no hunting left. Claim no need for even hunting weapons.

You now have a populace that is disarmed, controllable, and dissension is easily massacred.

This is why many 2nd Amendment advocates get frustrated with hunters who often callously dismiss the concerns of other shooters and 2nd Amendment advocates.  Believing no one will take their guns away.

And they’re probably correct.  They won’t take away the hunters guns. The hunters are just going to age, and die off. Their numbers will dwindle.  Their guns will not be allowed to be passed down to their children, if their children even want them.

Hence, we need constant vigilance in protecting our rights to protect ourselves!

H/T to Snowflakes

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  1. China is stage six.

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