Coburn (& Thune) propose another pro-gun measure to an upcoming bill…

Republican Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.) and John Thune (S.D.) are proposing a national CCW reciprocity bill onto the proposed “Hate Crimes” legislature.

(This definitely makes for a win-win bill for the Pink Pistols.)

While I am not a fan of “hate crimes” legislation. As I tend to believe a crime, is a crime, is a crime.  I am for reciprocity and the right to carry in MD would be nice.

I was contemplating the affect this ammendment would have on the bill. As I am not sure it would really have enough votes to pass normally, though it might.  But with the reciprocity bill added, it might be enough to swing some conservatives over and vote for the bill.  One of the reasons I think these bill combinations have passed or can pass is that it allows our politicians to avoid committment.

For example, you’re a conservative who doesn’t want flak for passing the credit card bill. But now you can tell your constituents that you did it for the pro-gun measure which restored our rights. Or you supported the hate crimes bill because of the national reciprocity.  And from my experience, politicians are slippery than eels and like when they don’t have to really take a firm position on anything.


I swear, I could almost love Coburn if he wasn’t also pushing some other restrictive bills (like banning tobacco)

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