Follow-up on AZ restaurant carry

Back in May I blogged about attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  I had a blast, however I had a number of gripes related to Arizona’s restriction on carry in any location that served alcohol (which included most of the the restaurants downtwon).

A proposed law would have allowed Arizona residents and guests with recognized permits to carry in restaurants that served alcohol.  The news is that it has passed the house. Congratulations to Arizonans.

I do wonder what affect the attendance of thousands of NRA members had on Arizona. I know that I contacted numerous Arizona officials regarding my experiences on this matter. I imagine many others did as well.  For those wondering what the NRA accomplishes, I believe this is but one example of the affect of the NRA.

H/T to Snowflakes in Hell

UPDATE: Passed the senate and is headed to the governor.

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