Thune Amendment – For CCW Reciprocity “Close But No Passage”

I do apologize to my readers if you were unfamiliar with this proposal. I usually try to keep my readers informed. However, I have been traveling and visiting family this past week.  And had limited access to the internet.

We were very close, 58-39, with the majority in support of it’s passage. However, 60 votes were required for the passage and we fell two shy.

One of those deciding votes was Arlen Specter (yes, the Senator who finally showed his true colors). I love that Arlen Specter argue’s from a states rights perspective on this one, really…we have reciprocity for automobiles which are not protected by the Constitution and lead to the deaths of thousands. However, his claim that it will not endanger the rights of gun owners is far from true. One accident, and an unplanned detour into Maryland can turn you into a felon.

It is my hope that incorporation of the 2nd Amendment will lead to the eventual passage of a reciprocity law.

Furthermore, I have made a decision. Last year I took on the role of NRA-ILA EVC (Election Volunteer Coordinator). The purpose of which is to help distribute information and organize volunteers for the election of endorsed candidates and support legislative action. I have reached a point that if Arlen Specter receives an endorsement I cannot in good conscience support him.  He has voted against the piece of legislation that is to me, personally, the most important.


SnowFlakesInHell has some good coverage of how it went down here

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  1. Yes it was disconcerting to say the least, especially since both of my senators voted against it (as expected).

    But we’ll be back and and we will get this through eventually. We had 58 votes which means only two more would have added the amendment. That’s really bloody close to say the last.

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