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Apparently my last blog post on the Pittsburgh area gymnasium shooting got picked up by on the blogs/commentary section.  I was just checking out my statistics when I noted several referrals from

I had to take a second look, as I usually only see in the “people clicked this link on your site” section. Not in the “referrers to your blog” section.

Pretty cool…and hey, it gets some pro-gun/2nd Amendment content on CNN’s website that’s cool too.

UPDATE: Talk about getting overloaded with comments…whoosh!!!

UPDATE 2: Looks like dropped my blog from the highlight. “Oops, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to link to a pro-2nd Amendment blog.”  They kept other links older than mine. So I must presume it was a bias against my blog’s content. Just checked again, now the entire “linking to this article” section is gone.  Who knows…just weird. But hey, it’s CNN.

PS – If you’re a first time reader, please consider perusing through the blog. I suggest reading the introductory post which can be found here.

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  1. Your 15 minutes is over, dude. 🙂

    • I sure hope so…

      I lost several hours replying to comments today. *LOL*

      Some would say it’s stupid. But it led to a couple of good email dialogues. Also, I like to respond so others can find answers in the same post that the comments are in.

      But I am tired now…wow…for a period in which I expected infrequent blogging. I sure am doing a bad job of being infrequent today.

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