Sotomayor confirmed 68-31

Sotomayor was confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice. While it’s pretty well understood that she is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. I think w could have done much much worse.

She is replacing a liberal judge, so the SCOTUS will essentially remain status quo. Were McCain to have won we might have had a chance of a conservative replacement. We all pretty much new that we were going to get an anti-gunner with any appointee by Obama.

Which is why I am not bothered by this confirmation. Frankly, I found Sotomayor to be unimpressive, especially for a SCOTUS candidate. Her answers during confirmation hearings were dodgy. Her reasonings tend to be week and emotionally driven. Many of her opinions have been over-turned. Is she qualified? Maybe… but I think if not for her gender and ethnicity she would not have been nominated. I believe for this reason, she will be a weak player – and this will be to our advantage.

When a Justice like Roberts writes an opinion, be it on the majority or opposition side, he provides a strongly reasoned and well supported statement. This is something that I think Sotomayor will be incapable of. She will likely be a token vote. Taken for granted that she will vote with the progressive left. It is unlikely that she will be capable of swinging the undecided votes; something Roberts has demonstrated a nack for doing. Nor will Sotomayor leave a legacy of atrong opinion statements to support future legal decisions for many years down the road.

Folks, while Sotomayor may stink for our cause. We could have done so so much worse. We could have found ourselves facing a strong intelligent judge. Instead we got a mediocre opponent in order to satisfy political correctness.

We sdnt gain any ground, but we held our territory.


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  1. If you want some good background info about her life, I’ve been contributing to a timeline at Anyone is welcome to contribute images, video, maps, etc.

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