Are you a “Six-Percenter”…???

What’s a “Six-Percenter”?

Many in our community are familiar with the term “threeper”, which references a hypothetical 3% of our community who in theory would rather go out in a blaze of glory, bullets, and gunsmoke.

But why, when we don’t have too?  Now I’m not saying that such a day is not possible. Obviously, it was 233 years ago when our founding fathers deciding that it was better to  raise arms and risk death. However, we still have a lot of tools we can utilize before we reach such a horrible need.

Sadly, many of us are not using those tools. Perhaps we don’t think it’ll effect us. They won’t take away my hunting rifle. OH YES THEY WILL….given time and enough inaction.

Eric Shelton of The Handgun Podcast advocated a position that if just 6% of us in the gun community were to regularly contact our legislators and government officials that we could make great strides in the protection of our rights.

He asked his listeners to write, call and email their elected officials. And then to forward the response to him at

This call really jibed with me, might be in part because I had used the term six-percenter – regardless, I consider myself to be a six-percenter.  One who is trying to use every political option, tool and resource to ensure our rights. So that we never have to see a “threeper” world.

I agree with Eric, 6% is a rather pitiful percentage to have active, it should be 100%.  But if just 6% took the time to contact their legislators, what a difference it’d make.  I’d like to see that difference happen.

Today, I launched the totally UNOFFICIAL “Six Percenter” site….

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