4 down, 2 permanently…but…

4 men enter a Harlem store. The NY Times article notes that the business had been robbed several times before, despite the fact that his shop is around the corner from a police precinct.

The owner, 72 yr old Charles Augusto Jr. fired 3 shots with the Winchester 12 gauge pump action shotgun (with a pistol grip handle). Normally, the NY Times would describe this as an assault shotgun. But even the NYT had trouble finding a way to spin this negatively.

The first shot took down the gunman in the front. While his subsequent blasts hit the other three accomplices.

But the next tidbit is what really ruffled my feathers. [The shooter] was 29 and had been arrested for gun possession in Queens last year.  (He was also the nephew of a police officer.) What I want to know is WHY are we releasing criminals with prior gun possession charges back onto the streets in less than a year.

Perhaps it’s to give NYC Mayor Bloomberg something to wine about. Of course, it’s his type of mentality that results in the next statement.

“A law enforcement official said that the district attorney was considering a possible misdemeanor weapons charge against Mr. Augusto, indicating that he did not have a permit for the shotgun.”


PS – Dear NY Times, why do you waste time giving us the boo-hoo’s of the family of the criminals.  These men died, but they died in the act of committing a crime.


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  1. “What I want to know is WHY are we releasing criminals with prior gun possession charges back onto the streets in less than a year.”

    Quite simply, it’s because gun possession is a misdemeanor crime. A misdemeanor, by definition, carries a sentence of less than one year. And it doesn’t even say that he was convicted; only that he was arrested.

    Armed robber is a felony, but simply having a gun is not.

  2. While simply having a gun is not, and I agree it shouldn’t be. But in possession of a felon it is. Granted I may be making the assumption that the individual in question was a felon. (Perhaps based on his actions.)

    This also goes to another trend I find disturbing. In Pennsylvania, a new law will mandate contractors be licensed. Failure to do so is a felony. Meanwhile, criminals who are preying upon innocent people are walking away with mere misdemeanors.

    Our judicial system has totally fucked up our court system. The new model is, revenue generating crimes are increasingly trending toward felonies. As they generate revenue and more can be charged for a felony. Meanwhile, predators who break into homes, mug, rape, murder. Are getting off with softer and softer sentences. Some not even being convicted as felons.

    And this is just one of several reasons I have zero respect for our judicial system. It has long ago ceased being a system of justice, having become nothing more than a legal system.

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