In the news…

Evil man who kidnapped an 11 yr old and fathered 2 children with her was arrested AGAIN!!!

“That check revealed that Garrido was on federal parole for a 1971 conviction for rape and kidnapping, for which he had served time in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.”

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of judges/parole boards releasing these guys back onto our streets. People talk about vigilante justice and how bad it is. Frankly, it’s far better than a legal system that feeds little children to the man-lions.

Senator Ted Kennedy has passed.  The quest to choose his heir has begun. List includes numerous potentials. But being Mass, we can pretty much ensure the following, the winner will be: Democrat & liberal!

Is there any chance of us getting a pro-gun Senator. Not likely…but we can always hope.  The article mentions a possible bid by former Representative Joe Kennedy.  Who if he ran, would probably get elected from the mere fact that thousands of elderly will go to the polls and vote for Kennedy, not even realizing he is dead.  If you don’t think that sort of thing is a factor in elections, than you don’t understand politics of cities.

And who is Joe Kennedy?  It goes like this “We need a Kennedy!”  “Which one?”  “Oh, I don’t care, just give us any ol’ Joe”…

Totally off-topic. But I couldn’t resist sharing…

Man hires contract workers, pays them only $2,000 a year. But he pays them with United States $50 coins. (Which happen to be 1oz of gold.)  IRS states it’s a tax-evading scheme.  As the value of the gold is approx. $40,000.  But since the workers only earned $2,000 officially, according to the law they do not have to report it.

“The IRA claims it’s a tax-evading scam”

But I think we all know the real problem. The problem is the government is the SCAM!

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