Walmart & Winchester

The local Walmart that I shop at most regularly just went through one of those crazy re-organizations. Basically re-arranging the entire store, including moving an exterior entrance & wall.

One area that was greatly scaled back was the hunting/firearms section. Before it had a large circular ring of glass counters and display cases.  They essentially cut that down to a third of the size. I had seen this occur at a few other Walmarts recently. I do have some concern that this could be a trend. However, apparently they added a large tall shelf for storing ammo.  Which I must confess is a much more efficient use of space.  They can actually stock and display more ammo in a much smaller footprint.

So if that is all it was, I am okay with that…but I think we should keep a watchful eye to ensure that Walmart is not turning toward an anti-firearm bias.

Another item I found interesting was the change in stocked products. Basically, everything is now Winchester branded. Gone are almost all the Remington products and many of the products by smaller companies.  I’ve always been amazed at the price of Winchester ammo at Walmart versus elsewhere. With other chains often asking as much as 2x a round.  Apparently, they sweetened the deal for Winchester, as nearly half the products on the shelves are now Winchester branded.

Has anyone else seen this change-over at their Walmarts?

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  1. I’m not a fan of WalMart in general, but my husband occasionally finds ammo there. He came home the other day with 6 boxes (they now have a 6 per day per customer limit!) of 9mm at a very good price. I try to stay out of the place so I don’t know if they’ve changed/reorganized. I do know that ammo is getting harder and harder to FIND in all stores…I’m still waiting for a Cabela’s order that I placed in JULY for .22’s! They had NO .22 LR at all, but we did find a few boxes at Hoffman’s. As for Winchester, it works better in all our guns than Remington, which hubby will no longer buy.

  2. Wal-Mart is 100% profit driven when it comes to what takes up space. If they are stocking few outdoor items, it means there are fewer customers. They stopped selling guns at most of their stores years ago, but it wasn’t an anti-gun move. It was simply that it took up space and had drove very few customers. If they could reclaim that space for higher margin items, it made good business sense.

    However, they did sign a deal with Bloomberg on how they would handle gun sales, and that came from one of their new counsel hires who oversees risk. He’s a big anti-gunner, something that was discussed back when the deal was made public last year.

    Overall, Wal-Mart is still in the generally pro-gun camp. They don’t mind guns in their stores, and they have supported hunting causes. (I don’t know about strict 2A, but I do know for sure for hunting groups that are also pro-2A.) For myself, I prefer not to buy gun supplies there. However, I’m very excited by the new Super Wal-Mart for just about everything else.

  3. Wal*Mart allocates space based on sale and profits.
    There is not much profit in guns and there is more competition from the large super stores like Cabela’s,
    Gander Mountain, Bass Pro etc.

    Ammunition sales are up and production can not keep up. Hence more space and limits so they don’t get wiped out by hoarders.

    All big chains are going to respond to perceived threats to sales be they from fringe anti-gun groups or a nanny government. Constant support of the pro gun retailers through your purchases and support when they are attacked or boycotted will help. Semper vigiles

  4. .
    Just at Wally-Mart today. Scored 2 boxes of Federal 22LR (375 rounds each.) Not the 550 count bricks I wanted, but they helped filled a gapping hole in my armory. No WWB at all in pistol calibers, though it’s steadily gotten better in the past weeks.

    Here in Low-Cal, I patronize several Wally-Marts in search of ammo. I have noticed that the ammo shelves have steadily gotten smaller and that Winchester branded products are now very prevalent. Doesn’t bother me as I’m a big fan of WWB and the non-ammo products look good at a fair price.

    Just like to let Wally-Mart executives know; the day they stop selling ammo, is the day I stop going to Wall Mart.

  5. @ Charlie Foxtrot

    I was in Walmart yesterday. Picked up 2 boxes of .38 Special (Remington) and a 100 box of 9mm (Winchester). But they had 1/2 dozen boxes of .45. About a dozen boxes of 9mm. .223, 7.62×39 and a few more that we’ve seldom seen.

    This is progress….

  6. Regarding WalMart’s Winchester ammo: the bullets are irregular and I suspect the loads are too. Perhaps Winchester dropped quality control to meet WalMart’s price point. I’ll still use Winchester to plink a tree, but not protect the farm.

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