National Parks full of snipers… reports on an increasing trend of pot farms being planted in our National Parks.

“Most pot farms are cultivated by low-level cartel workers, many who are working to pay off smugglers who helped them cross the border, officials have said. Campsites are sophisticated and well hidden, with foxholes and sniper nests, Arthur told CNN”

Good thing we just got the right to carry in National Parks passed.  It’s ironic that newsmedia such as CNN could deride concealed carry in parks and express there is no need for such. And then have the cajones to publish this article. Which talks about the dangers of stumbling upon the numerous pot farms, referencing a couple of deputies who were shot when they stumbled upon one such farm.

And yet, according to the liberal media,  we are supposed to enter such places unarmed and defenseless.

“Last week, a portion of Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada was closed to visitors while rangers dropped from helicopters into a marijuana farm a half-mile away from Crystal Cave, popular among tourists.”

Okay, so the next time some anti-gunner asks you “Why would you need a gun in a national park.”  Simply reply, the same reason that the National Park system closes down an entire section of a park and drop armed rangers in by helicopter.

A single sting operation in Fresno California resulted in over 420,000 plants worth approx. $1.6 billion being captured.

But supposedly there is no good reason why a law-abiding citizen would need to be armed in one of our National Parks.

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