The Issues Test

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast had a great episode discussing how to test an issue to know where you should be.

  1. Will it effect me? (me meaning us, the average American)
  2. Does it increase or decrease the power of government?
  3. Is it Constitutional?
  4. Does it make people that agree on 95% of issues fight amongst themselves?
  5. What is it going to cost us? What is our ROI on it?
  6. Who is paying for it?  Who benifits the most financially?
  7. Is my personal prejudice or bias influencing my judgment on this?
  8. What happens if we take this action?
  9. What happens if we don’t do anything?
  10. Does it set up the future potential for government intrusion in more areas?
  11. Do I really need to be “for” or “against” this issue?
  12. If we only focused on issues that “passed the test” what would be left?
  13. How would that effect the ability of our government to BS us?
  14. If everyone did this, would we know “what we believe” and “why we believe it”?

I do recommend listening to the whole episode as he expands on the above and details nuances of what he specifically means.  And while this does not directly relate to the 2nd Amendment. I think it is a very good means to measure issues of importance and to know where and when to fight. Perhaps there are issues you’re fighting for, and maybe if you thought about it, those efforts would be better focused elsewhere. Like the 2nd Amendment. 😉

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