Ruger SR-22

Crap….just when I was about to buy a Ruger 10/22 for an upcoming Appleseed Project. Ruger decides to complicate matters.

My first reaction was “Looks fun, but I think I’ll stick with the 10/22 because of the commonality of magazines and accessories.”

But then from looking and reading it appears that the SR-22 actually uses Ruger 10/22 magazines.  So that eliminates that difference.

So what is the advantage of the SR-22.  If you own an SR-556, the SR-22 provides you more commonality in platform. Facilitating using the SR-22 as a practice rifle (a much, much affordable practice rifle).  At quick glance, I think I’d want a slightly larger charging handle.

The SR-22 has a suggested retail price of $625.  In which case, I personally may be sticking to the planned acquisition of the 10/22 ($199-$260).   However, the SR-556 which as an MSRP of $1,995 has been selling around $1,400-$1,500.  So I’d wager that we’ll see the SR-22 sell for $450+

Kind of surprised they didn’t wait until Shot Show to announce this. Makes me wonder what else Ruger might have up their sleeve.

Michael Bane’s demonstration can be found here:

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  1. This is certainly interesting. I put my 10/22 into an Axiom R/F stock. But I’m not terribly happy with that. So I may put it back in the original stock and see about getting an SR-22. You can never have to few rifles.

  2. The problem is it won’t run like an AR. The charging handle is in the wrong spot, and the 10/22 magazines are all wrong. I’d much rather have the S&W M&P15-22 or a 22LR upper on a real AR.

  3. I really don’t see any advantage to this platform over any other 10/22 platform. The honest to God’s truth of the matter is the SR-22 lacks common controls with the AR-15. Hence this really isn’t going to give you a good training platform for AR-15 use.

    Smith and Wesson so far are the only company I’m aware of that make a .22 rifle based on the AR-15 platform (as opposed to an .22 AR-15 upper) that has enough commonality with the actual rifle to be a good trainer. I really wish Ruger would have go done the same route Smith and Wesson did in this case.

  4. I just purchased this weapon for my spouse to use at the range, thusly allowing her to fire it with comfort and ease. Gentlemen remember regardless of what we use as a firearm. Either in hunting or just as a practice rifle we are exercising our2 amemendment rights. As a former usmc officer vietnam era and as a commander we should appreciate what others impart to us in the use of10+22’s sr type or any other kind of weapon personally this sr 22 is as accurate as my mini. 14 the gsg mp5 or the walther m -s colt 22. Good shooting. Oh! As a commander. I would recommend this. Sr 22. As a “user friendly” weapon. God bless and happy. Shooting. Dr commander. oh! Our other weapons have to be surrendered to the armory priorto leaving operational status.

  5. The . Sr 22 exceeds my expectations. It is very accurate. And deadly even as a 22 cal. Rifle. Much cha@er than . 223. Hsppy hunting

  6. Purchased my SR 22 last week and took it to the range over the weekend. I own 4 rifles and this is by far the most fun to shoot. Added a red dot sight and went through 200 rounds without any problems. I bought it over the S&W M&P15 22 because it has a metal frame as opposed to the plastic frame on the S&W. Call me old fashon but I like my guns solid. Also recieved many compliments about the rifle from AR-15 users. Best little Plinker I have ever shot. I love this gun!

  7. The SR22 is a nice rifle and feels a little heftier than other similar ones, I like the fact it doesn’t feel flimsy. It is really a 10/22 in semi tactical garb.

    First of all the upper picatinny rail mounted to the reciever should be loctited (blue) on the four screws. Do not worry about making this semi permanent because contrary to instructions, you do not need to remove that upper part for disassembly. Change out the steel buffer pin for a plastic one, saves on cracking the reciever hole, lessens the recoil and makes the action quieter, cost is 5- 10 bucks. The trigger group is horrid with pull around 7-8 lbs. I changed mine out for a full metal Volquartsen TG2000, huge difference. I put a lock washer+regular washer under the front bottom takedown screw wince it always works loose without it. Remove the barrel buffer (front swivel mount) to free float the barrel. This keeps any pressure on the handguard from affecting accuracy. I also changed out the extractor claw for a Volquartsen since the factory unit is quite cheap. My SR22 will shoot about 3/8-1/2″ groups at 25 yrds, 3/4″ at 50, and about 1-1 1/2″ at 100yrds on a very calm day. You will also want some high ring mounts to get a proper cheekweld. I use the Burris Zee rings with the plastic inserts set at -10 moa on the front ring to get the hairs centered at 50 yrds.

  8. I am late to the party any updates on the SR-22 range experience. tx

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