Gun Rights Policy Conference: Day 1 (St. Louis, MO)

Gun Rights Policy Conference

Friday Updates:

  • At the 2009 Gun Rights Policy Conference in St. Louis.
  • Food went quick but that’s probably due to 200+ people.
  • Just chatting with attendees. Tonight is the meet’n’greet. Tomorrow things kick off in the meeting.

Saturday Updates:

  • Eating breakfast waiting for the show to begin. Received a dozen books and a rifle pencil. Nice perks!
  • Alan Gottlieb giving an opening address on the state of the union regarding our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Panel of speakers (NRA-ILA, NSSF, CCRKBA, GOA, NAt’l Muzzle Loading Rifle Assoc).
  • Addressing MAIG, excise taxes, call for a Federal study of micro stamping, modern sporting rifles, nominations (cabinet & SCOTUS)
  • You should be here at the Second Amendment Foundation’s “Gun Rights Policy Conference”
  • Why muzzleloader association. Just look at the logo. What’s the man holding? “A 54 caliber flintlock assault rifle”
  • That end the Federal Affairs Briefing panel. Next up – State Legislative Affairs feat. State Senators from TN & KS & state rifle orgs.
  • Modern Sporting Rifle site: (Personally, I prefer SUR, “Sport Utility Rifle”)
  • RT @OFCC: – GRPC swag
  • Left my battery charger at friends house. So if I go dark – you know what happened.
  • Had a brilliant idea. Spoke to the concierge to see if they had an iPhone charger in the lost & found. They did and now I’m charging
  • In the process the concierge revealed an interest in becoming a gun owner. Gave him links and bought him a copy of Black Man with a Gun
  • Panel discussion of international gun rights. Speaker from a gun rights organization from Italy just finished.
  • RT @Shepherds_abide: If you want to eliminate a species, take away it’s food. Guns eat ammo.
  • Question & Answer period with members of the previous three panels just concluded.
  • Fav. Question addressed NSSF: Inquiring if manufacturers will cease sales to CA (inc. LEO) if they pass further extreme laws.
  • Finishing up lunch-roast beef on pretzel roll. Awards luncheon with Bob Barr in progress.Discussing lawsuit aainst Mayor Bloomberg.
  • Wayne LaPierre addressing GRPC. Speaking on how Sotomayor and others ignore DC vs Heller dec. And issues of media mis-representation
  • Bob Barr admonishing us to focus on liberty. And to utilize the Constitution and other documents such as the Federal papers. [NOTE – I really need to read the Federalist Papers some time.]
  • Gun Rights Policy Conference – crowds must have surpassed expectations. They had to bring in extra chairs.
  • Gun Rights Policy Conference – crowds must have surpassed expectations. They had to bring in extra chairs.
  • Professor Gary Mauser speaks on the myth of Europe’s gun control = lower homicide. Nations w/high arms ownership and low crime.
  • Founder of presents custom Ken Onion knife to Alan Gottlieb. We must be vigilant “arms” = more than just firearms.
  • @HandgunPodcast Seen a fair number of younger people (15-25) at GRPC. Not a lot but they are there. Improvement over last year ???
  • Panel on post-Heller Decision World. Alan Gura expects that the Chicago gun ban has a short life.
  • “If you have a gun roster look out; we might be coming to your town soon!” – AG
  • Gene Hoffman of CalGuns details the state of California. 2A rights movement growing, they expect to push back significantly in CA.
  • Donald Kilmer discusses Nordyke case. Effect of Heller case. The unusual act of the court revisiting the case without appeal. Etc.
  • Panel discussing the 10th Amendment, commerce clause, Montana and their intention to bring it to Federal court.
  • Gary Marbut (Montana), follow push for the 10th Amendment here:
  • Gary Marbut also stated they have a “Plan B”. Sheriff’s First Bill would require county sheriff involvement in all Federal arrests.
  • Olivia Alexander, Kansas Students for CCC. Discusses their movement. It’s not easy to speak out, to deal with glares, ridicule, etc
  • Outlayed how quick the need can arise. Lack of problems where implemented. Young people are standing up for their rights & well being.
  • Jonathan Ratliff, MO SCCC, discusses difficulty of passage in both houses. Passed overwhelmingly in the house but not in Senate.
  • Paul Ready “calm initiative & clear thinking” not enough. We are the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. There are 40,000 of us!
  • Curt Levey & Alan Gottlieb on court justices, nomination, and the importance of 2nd Amendment judicial activism since DC vs Heller
  • Jeff Knox, discussing comm, asked when did you know about H.R. 45(Blair Holt). May? Feb? Jan? Before Jan 15? – We posted on Jan 14th.
  • “If you want to stay current on 2nd Amendment issues, 2A/Gun Blogs are a great way to say up-to-date.” – N.U.G.U.N.
  • During disc. on expanding right to carry. Effect we are having, how such bills are DOA. But only cause we are being active.
  • Jake McGuigan (NSSF) on us defeating the current wave of ammo serialization attempts. “Give yourself a hand!”
  • Doug Ritter (of discussing other “arms”. History of knife restrictions. More knife owners than firearm owners
  • Julianne Versnel Gottlieb, commented on area of improvement for GRPC next year. Stronger presence of female panel members. I agree!
  • I would also like to see some new media presence or panel for next year. Address the effect of Internet communication, etc.
  • Ralph Walker (NMLRA)-No black powder manufacturing in U.S. & only 2 smokeless powder plants left in U.S. Can anyone verify this?  [Note – I may have gotten speaker id wrong on this one.]
  • Final question and answers session, announcements, and so concludes today’s conference. Reception at 6:30pm.


That wraps up Saturday/Day 1 of the conference. More updates to come tomorrow!

Wow nearly 60 twits. Didn’t realize I posted so many…

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  1. Dude, I’m so jealous- I loved going to GRPC last year! Glad to hear/read you’re seeing more young people!

  2. my name is eric randall shelton. and guns are my thing. but apparently there is another eric randall shelton. doin my shit. so i want my name back. or some creditability

  3. meh you can keep it. ill take it back later when its worth more

  4. My middle name isn’t Randall. And given your language, use of punctuation, etc., I feel it would be in best interests to turn the “worth” comment around and suggest that you either change your name, or start acting in a manner that befits mine. “Creditability” when you meant to type “credibility”? Get your act together, use your brain, and watch your language before you dare associate yourself with me by name.

    It’s a good name. Start acting like you earned it.

  5. Shelton VS Shelton: The Battle of Words

    Live on N.U.G.U.N. Pay-per-view!

  6. o but i went there. and why would i waste my valuable time with punctuation. i am very important with a lot of valuable crap to do……..ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahah!!!! god thats a knee slapper. and im looking forward to watching the battle of the words on pay-per-view? if thats really what it is. im gonna build space ships. with guns. how should i go about doing this?

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