Gun Rights Policy Conference: Day 2 (St. Louis, MO)

Sunday Updates:

  • Peggy Tartaro (Women & Guns mag), calling to order.
  • Panel discussion on “Labor Unions” and the 2nd Amendment. Feat. NRA board members Jim Church (UAW) & John Cushman (Teamsters).
  • Panel on “Countering media bias against guns” First up – Malia Zimmerman, editor for Hawaii Reporter.
  • Talking about Hawaii’s lack of access to firearms for personal protection. Media’s failure to investigate authenticity of statements.
  • Whole world of new media. Their paper is online. More and more are turning to the Internet. Leaving the old dead tree media.
  • Chuck Heller(Liberty Watch Radio/America Armed & Free). If you see something wrong stated in the media. Challenge it! Provide source.
  • Develop a relationship with one reporter you get along with. Keep it short, under a page. If it’s longer it doesn’t get read.
  • Dave Workman, (New Gun Week), if your commenting on an article to a reporter – be rational, be civil.
  • Response to “How do you feel about background checks?” How would you feel if you had to submit your article for review to the governor.
  • Ran out for a cup of coffee and missed Don Irvine. Sorry bro.
  • Chris Knox gives shout out to Appleseed Project. Calls it “Purpose Driven Riflery”. Talking about border issues in Phoenix.
  • David Kopel(Independence Institute), we are in an international battle of gun rights.
  • Mexico one of four nations with a right to bear arms clause. But strict gun control has severely limited that right. Hasn’t worked!
  • Drug & alcohol prohibitions lead to a level of firearm violence related to the illicit practices. This leads to gun restrictions.
  • Commentary: “I do believe this is a valid point. Most non-domestic firearm crime is drug prohibition related.” – NUGUN
  • Drug dealers are NOT getting their grenades and machine guns at gun shows. Kopel lauded NRA for their investigative work on this issue.
  • Joe Waldron(CCRKBA) “Gun control is the 3rd rail of the Democrat policy.” Rural Dems are a deciding factor preserving 2A right now.
  • As in many areas the Democrats control 2/3 of the legislative bodies. Rural & blue dog Democrats are giving us the added votes we need
  • Open-carry panel. Phil Van Cleave(VA Cit. Def League) on history of open-carry in VA. No CCW in restaurants. Alt. was to open carry
  • John Pierce founder of discussing open carry, in particular the recent town hall events.
  • Quoted press secretary “The presence of the President does not negate Arizona citizen’s rights.”
  • You have to weigh the benefits with Open-Carry. The man with the AR brought much attention.
  • Mention of the NRA Show being extensively covered by blogs. New media
  • What about the planned 2nd Amendment March. The Million Mom March had mere thousands but was catchy and created a perception.
  • Think about your visuals. The anti-gun crowd has been good with visuals. Staged memorials, etc. The Hallmark approach to news.
  • Last few statements are by Professor Brian Anse Patrick (Univ. Toledo).
  • Women with guns or speaking about guns is more interesting than a man in the wyes of the news.
  • Consider the costa and benefits of OC. Even if we get beat up in the media, it can motivate our community to action.
  • Idea: Guns Against Illegal Mayors (G.A.I.M.)
  • VA Citz. Def. League speaking on reciprocity issue with gun free zones. The need to focus local/state grassroots level.
  • Rev. Anthony Winfield “Keeping your family safe”: Having a plan. Being observant. Not doing stupid things (ie: picking up b/f @2am)
  • Home safety is something you have to plan. Talk with your family.
  • Author of “Self-defense and the Bible”.
  • Timothy Wheeler (Doctors for Resposible Gon Ownership) & John Wipfler (MD) authors of “Keeping Your Family Safe”
  • Funny quotes: “You know exactly where to shoot them Doc” “I’ll tell the judge his birth certificate was revoked.
  • Need for children to be taught about firearm safety even if there are no guns in the house.
  • If you are stabbed or shot. There is nothing you can do in 30 seconds to help. Focus on determining and eliminating threats.
  • If shot put a tourniquet on. Tourniquets are not bad. They are good. They save lives. You should have them for all your family members.
  • Make call to the emergency room while in transit so they are prepared for the situation. 2 min heads up improves response.
  • Discussion of proposed resolutions for GRPC by-laws.
  • Mod. of older resolution “to defend all classes of firearms.” Proposal to change to “arms” in light of recent attacks on knife rights.
  • Adopting motion to support policies for CC on college campuses. Resolution to oppose international treaties that restrict 2A rights.
  • Proposal for notification/60 day comment period for regulatatory actions. Some debate on the floor over wording and clarity.
  • Revised version passed.
  • Proposal to seek repeal of switchblade ban and oppose all restrictions on tools and weapons.
  • 1. Issue of why do we need permit. 2. Concern about it affecting push for shall issue in states with very restrictive ccw policies.
  • On-going discussion on mandatory training. Having experienced this while in CT. I oppose it but see the other side of the coin.
  • However, I am not sure we should focus on this issue at this time. Rather, push for speedy access to permits for those under threat.
  • Debate continues. Vote has now been called for. To divided for yeah/neah. A standing counted vote has been enacted. Vote is a YES!
  • Resolution commmittee session concludes. Final announcements. Next year in San Francisco. So ends the N.U.G.U.N. blog’s coverage.
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